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Welcome to S Mobile Group – Your Gateway to Essential Services and Innovations! Discover our unwavering commitment to meeting the basic needs of people across Telecommunications, Oil and Gas, Real Estate, Hospitality, Water Production, Agriculture, Technology, E-commerce, and Energy. Operating seamlessly, we redefine standards in each industry, ensuring that essential services are accessible and innovative.

Our global reach extends to the UK, USA, China, South Africa, and Canada, bringing vital innovation and connectivity to every corner of the world. Partnering with MTN, we are at the forefront of the telecom landscape, dedicated to delivering excellence,

Our Businesses

A diversified conglomerate, we break boundaries by addressing essential needs across industries.


Oil & Gas


Solar Energy

Real Estate

Financial Services

E-Commerce & Logistics


Our Guiding Principles

At SMOBILE Group, our professional team is a dynamic and dedicated collective of experts committed to excellence in every endeavor. With a diverse range of skills and extensive industry knowledge, our team members bring innovation and precision to the forefront.

Meet our CEO

Kingsley Adonu

Kingsley Adonu, visionary entrepreneur and Founder of SMobile Group, has led the conglomerate to remarkable heights across a diverse range of industries, including telecommunications, oil and gas, real estate, and more, with a global presence in the UK, USA, China, South Africa, and Canada.

Under his astute leadership, SMobile Group has become a major partner for MTN, standing out in the telecommunications landscape. Beyond business, Kingsley is a committed philanthropist, actively contributing to communities and participating in international telecom conferences.

Board Members 

Our Team 

Dedicated to delivering top-notch solutions, our professional team at SMOBILE Group collaborates seamlessly to address the unique needs of our clients. From strategic planning to implementation, we are driven by a shared commitment to quality, efficiency, and client satisfaction. Guided by forward-thinking, SMOBILE Group is a dynamic force across various industries, ensuring adaptability and innovation in an ever-evolving business landscape. We don’t just lead; we innovate and set new standards, driven by a philosophy of excellence, adaptability, and an unwavering pursuit of success.


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S Mobile Group has been recognized by MTN Business as the distinguished recipient of the MTN Enterprise Business Foundation 2024…

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… Throws Weight behind Governor Peter Mbah’s Youth Empowerment Goals A serial entrepreneur, Kingsley Adonu, the founder/ chairman of S…

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